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    Because Denis Larkin Safety has not the overheads of the bigger companies, they have a set price for 1day training of €350 or less.

    For example if you wanted two full classes of Manual Handling in a day - 12 in each class - (kept within the National Safety Authority Guidelines) the most you would pay is €350 .

    Similarly, for MEWP Training - A class of 10 would only cost you €350.

    If you have only 3 or 4 to Train, contact Denis and he can come to your premises and get you sorted.

    How does a company avail of this massive saving? Simply send an email or ring the number and book a day.

    If you have a company with 5 or more employees, you will need a Safety Statement. Companies are paying exorbitant prices for these. E-mail Denis if you are finding this is hurting your company.

    Denis firmly believes and advises that, "Health and Safety should not be a noose around your company's neck. Taking shortcuts in Health & Safety is simply not an option. You work round the clock you get your company on the ground, so why put your good name in jeopardy for the sake of less than 350 euro?"

    He sometimes sees in his day to day dealings with companies that training is left to someone in the office to organize and though he may not be the first contact that person will call, he is confident he will be able to compete with anyone on PRICE.

    For convenience, he also offers companies a fee of approx. €250 per month to retain his services. For this all your safety needs are looked after as well as retaining him as your Safety Officer. This means your company will get an up to date Safety Statement and all you training needs looked after for as little €65 per week, thereby freeing up staff to deal with other matters in your company.

    One Hotel owner who retains Denis Larkin's services says it has saved him a fortune as he was continually retraining new staff coming in to the business. It is also worth pointing out that companies with less than 5 employees may also need a Safety Statement, especially if they need Government contract work. This country has improved massively over the years in H&S but the challenges remain, and Denis emphasizes in his courses not to wait until we have a tragic accident before sitting up and taking note.

    Denis says "A lot of my safety training comes, not from the classroom, but more from growing up on a farm with 11 siblings. How we all survived thankfully is still a mystery to me - I could write a book on the near misses, and not so near but we all lived to tell the tale and consequently are aware of the dangers involved in the workplace. Later in life, when I played senior Hurling with Meelick Eyrecourt alongside some of the Greats of the game, Lynskey, Silke, Noel Larkin and Martin Larkin, Gay Lyons, you learned a steep curve on how to look after yourself"

    Denis Larkin Safety is based in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway and they have outlets in Dublin, Armagh, Down and Donegal. They are presently looking for Training Providers to add to their team.

    Denis Larkin Lives in Ballinasloe and is married to Catherine with three grown up children, Paul, Sarah, and Lisamarie.